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Opening Jenny's Place in 2019 has allowed Jenny to work with many different and unique individuals and in her work, she has found that we are so connected in wanting the same thing in our lives- LOVE, PEACE, and JOY.  In this world today we are finding more and more about how we are all connected Universally and how we relate to this great power that created all the aspects of this

Great Universe- The Divine.

As a Trance Medium, Jenny also works with many on the other side of life that want to help us reach our potential, they are guiding us and leading us to experiences that are for our Highest and Best Good.

One of her Teachers is Chief Joseph who helps with classes, Harry Edwards who helps with her healing, and then there is

"The Collective"

Consist of so many who have stepped up to offer guidance and support of Jenny's mission to

share this knowledge that has been passed down to her.
Knowing that we have support-

Whether to you that is God, Source, Infinite Intelligence, Great Spirit, Spirt Loved Ones

or Intititi (the one with many names but remains unnamable)

whatever you personally call this Great Creator of this Universe.

Each of us are on a path that is Unique to us and yet we are all the same.

All of us desire 
Joy, Peace and Love in our lives.

That is what makes us unified.  Now we have the chance to explore ways that we personally can be unified with
The Divine. 
Take the time to explore the connection between you and The Divine with experiences that are unique to you!
Divinely Unique and Divinely Unified.

With Love and Light,   

I AM Jenny

Divinely Unified


Image by Compare Fibre
Divinely Unified
Divinely Unique
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