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Spiritual Healer and Intuitive

Aleksandra is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive, and a lifelong pursuant in psychic development and the Spiritual Journey. Acquiring awareness of other-than-usual sensory abilities, as a young child, she developed her intuitive awareness alongside clairvoyant family members and later with the guidance of world-famous psychics and mediums.  Her Metaphysical and Spiritual Journey has included Hemi-Sync Gateway Process, Color Therapy, Sweat Lodge Experiences, Remote Viewing, strengthening spiritual communication and awareness via among others: meditation, Psychometry, QiGong, chanting, scrying, and ongoing personal and psi development. She has been able to apply aspects of her spiritual path and training throughout her life journey with those seeking her counsel and as guidance in her 30+ years professional career as an educator and evaluator of individuals with special needs, Educational Specialist, Coordinator, and Chairperson for the Committee on Special Education.  

We welcome her service to

The Metaphysical Chapel of Life

as a Reader during the Psychic Fairs

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