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Sat, Jun 03


Divinely Unified @A Sacred Place

ET Phone Earth- A Practice of a close encounter of the 5th Kind

A Close encounter of the 5th kind with our friends the Et's are Human Initiated- We will use protocols to contact them. Check out the CE5 App

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ET Phone Earth- A Practice of a close encounter of the 5th Kind
ET Phone Earth- A Practice of a close encounter of the 5th Kind

Time & Location

Jun 03, 2023, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Divinely Unified @A Sacred Place, 3108 Tyre Neck Rd, Portsmouth, VA 23703, USA


About the event

We will gather at the parking lot of Divinely Unified A Sacred Place to follow the tools and protocol of CE5 Contact to assisit in making peaceful contact with Extraterrestrial civilizations.

Please bring your own chairs and blankets.

If this seems very weird to you- Please watch - Close Encounters of the 5th Kind with Dr. Steven Greer- The Documentary

The ET contact will be undertaken using the CE5 protocols. CE5 stands for Close Encounters of the 5th kind. A Close encounter of the 5th kind is Human initiated.  We will call them into a safe place. 

Experience has shown that ET civilizations respond very favorably towards correctly applied CE5 Protocols, from the playback of specific tones followed by entering deep states of consciousness and awareness. As we practice CE5 with positive peaceful intentions and your progress with meditation improves, you will find it becomes increasingly effective both individually and in a group setting.  

 * - ETI - Extraterrestrial Intelligence - ETS - Extraterrestrial Spacecraft

The phone apps and the Contact Training Program are the best way to learn about making contact.


Note from Dr. Steven Greer:

"I encourage you to meet together and go out under the stars together.  But you need to realize that everyone is filtering the material through 

his/her own experience and knowledge base."


Below are the CSETI principles which will give you a  basis for your contact and discussion groups.


Thank you so much for your support.

Keep looking up!

Dr. Steven Greer


Core Principles for CE-5s


-There is strong evidence for the existence of ETI*, civilizations and spacecraft.

ETI/ETS* have been and are currently visiting the Earth.

-Careful bilateral communications between ETI and humans is of continuing importance and will increase in the future.

-CSETI approaches the study of ETI with cooperative, peaceful, non-harmful intentions and procedures.

-The establishment of a lasting world peace is essential to the full development of the ETI-Human relationship.

-Both humans and ETI, as conscious, intelligent beings, are essentially more alike than dissimilar; CSETI is dedicated to the study of both our shared and unique characteristics.

-CSETI operates on the premise that ETI net motives and ultimate intentions are peaceful and non-hostile.

-It appears probable that more than one extraterrestrial civilization is responsible for the ETI/ETs contact so far observed. It is likely that this represents a cooperative effort.

-CSETI will attempt to cultivate bilateral ETI-human contact and relations which will serve peaceful, cooperative goals. It is NOT a goal of CSETI to acquire ET advanced technologies which may have a potential harmful or military application if disclosed prematurely.

- There should be no drugs, alcohol, firearms or weapons at CE-5 contact events.


 * - ETI - Extraterrestrial Intelligence - ETS - Extraterrestrial Spacecraft

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