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Laurie Seeley

Shaman Practitioner and Healer

Laurie is a certified Shamanic Practitioner, Trance Medium and Energy Healer. She channels her spirit guides, helpers, and ancestors to bring forth messages to assist in her healing. While Laurie was desperately searching for a healing modality for her personal issues years ago, she found the practice of Shamanism.  She knew instantly she had found her path. The healing was so instantaneous and powerful that she began her studies to become a Shamanic Practitioner so that she could share the amazing healings that this modality offers. Her connection with the Devine also allows her to channel healing which assists with releasing old ideas and beliefs, cutting the ties that bind us and to release and move forward from past events and traumas.

Services Provided:

Full Shamanic Illumination
Chakra Clearings
Energy Healing
Whole House Clearings
Fire Ceremonies
Rituals & Ceremonies
    Destiny Path
    Meet your Power Animals
    Meet your Ancestors
    Many many more     


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