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A Personal Journey to Rejuvenation

Journey from the Heart Hospital
Today is a New Day

Can we really Restore our body and reverse the trauma and mistreatment that we have put it through for years. I believe that we can! With God all things are possible.

So let me share my journey- One that I hope you will find interesting and maybe an Inspiration to start your own journey.

Today, we are being asked to make a shift- in our understanding of the world around us- we are being asked to trust more than ever in this Universal God Source that surrounds us and we are being asked to take care of our mind, body and spirit. It is really a Revolution of Love.

A Woman going through an open door to infinate possibilities
New Beginnings! With God all Things are Possible!

We are moving into a new territory. A space of "ONE LOVE" This is a space where we see everyone as a reflection of ourselves. We are one in Universal God Source, and we are learning that this Love, Peace and Joy is what we can spread across this universe in a quantum manner. Are we up for the Task?

Well just recently I learned that YES- my Spirit is there- my heart is more full of Love than ever before- My mind is coming along everyday releasing those old beliefs that hold me down- but my body has been left behind. I have spent so much time focusing on my spiritual growth in the last 7 years - I never even thought about my body.

Now, many times over the last seven years I have received messages to take care of my body- to go on a plant-based diet plan- to watch what I am eating but was I listening?  I have seen the signs and symbols- but did I want to see?  NO!  


So, what does God/Source do when you are not listening?  For me, hits me across the forehead like a 2x4!  Listen! Listen!  Well now is the time!

In most cases, I hardly ever remember my dreams- but this night November 29th, 2023- this date has God written all over it! In regard to the numbers:  11/29=11/2023=7- Eleven is a Master Number shouting New Beginnings! Things are about to change! Then you add the number 7 which is a very spiritual number bringing in the spiritual essence of the whole situation.

This night I had a vivid dream that I was on Death Row and I knew I should not be there! I was upset with the guard because there had been a mistake, there was no reason why I should be there, I wanted to call 911 but she would not let me- she just kept telling me I was going to die tomorrow. 

Wouldn’t you think with me believing that Spirit Communicates with us daily in all kinds of ways to get our attention- that I would have paid attention to the dream! No I went on my way that day laughing at the dream and how I remembered it so clearly.  Well soon that would change.

On November 30th I was rushed to the Hospital with a heart issue.  Soon I was surrounded by Doctors and Nurses trying to save my life with such urgency for the situation and in desparate search of the cause of what was happening. As I lay in the emergency room, all of my family was called to the Hospital not knowing what would happen next.  In the midst of all of the activity- I had this feeling of being safe, of knowing that all was going to be OK. As the test came in for my heart it was determined that I would need to be transferred to the Heart Hospital.  Even during this entire process, I was at ease knowing that all was going to work out. 

After many tests were complete- It was determined that my Heart was in horrible condition. Not only did I have 5 clogged arteries, I was also suffering from Arrhythmia and Atrial fibrillation. Bottom line my heart was struggling to keep me alive. At first determination, surgery was not an option due to the condition of my body and of my heart and the only option would be to go a medical route with diet.  To be honest this was a viable option for me and I felt very comfortable with the decision. Then the surgeon offered an opportunity for a Bypass to at least try to repair the main artery that was blocked, still leaving me with many other issues that would need to be resolved in the future.   

So I decided not to opt for the Surgery and to try to Reverse my condition with Diet and getting my heath under control. I have asked for 3 months to reverse the condition that has existed for my entire lifetime.

This is my Journey to Rejuvenation of my Body.  Only time will tell if the results will be one of stabilization or of reversing the damage that has been caused.

I am excited about this journey with God by my Side. I honestly feel that it is meant to be a public Journey for all of us to learn and experience. So Here we go-


Come with me- Subscribe to this blog and let’s see where it takes us!

The Steps to start the Journey of Rejunevation-

*No Sugar

*No Diet Soda or drinks

*No Fast Food

*More Fruits and Veggies

*Blood Sugar Control


*Spiritual Healing Practices

Let the Journey Begin!

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1 Comment

Dec 19, 2023

Ohh Jenny thank you so much for sharing your story with us! You have inspired me to start my journey to the best healthy me. I will hold space for you and I believe by the beautiful messages you have received that you will have the Victory

Keep inspiring Lady because you have a lot of work to do for the Universe. Many souls are waiting to meet you as they need a Mentor, Teacher and Spiritual Mother. Speaking ALL the blessing’s of God over you ❤️💫🙏🏻

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