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Face Your Darkness

In our Circle, Laurie with Star Shine Energy Healing introduces us to her guide.

She calls us Ying and Yang

her light and dark side.

We work together when she often gets lost in the dark, going through a dark spinning tunnel she sees a kaleidoscope of colors at the end and wants to be there but struggles to get there.

When in the light she becomes one and seems to forget the darkness.

It is our job to remind her and all of you, that it is necessary to face your darkness don’t run from it don’t get trapped in a spinning tunnel- stop it and face it- once you face it the colors of the kaleidoscope will surround you and bring you into the light. The white light where you are one with yourself again. We all must face our darkness in the sun, learn from it, we must go through the dark to get to the light. The light outshines the darkness every time- remember we all have a

Ying and Yang that is working with us. Thank you

Jenny continues the channel- As we sit in this circle tonight and we’ve taken a step into our multidimensional side, we felt the healing, we felt the energy, we received messages and they said to embrace your dark side to transmute it into light but to also do it with joy- joy in your heart and joy in your soul- find that piece of joy when you are reaching for your goals that make you smile and makes you laugh and always know that you are connected to the Divine- at any moment you can ask-

When you are shining you light and walking in The Divine- yes- there maybe darker energies that come towards you and you can release them with just sending love, love and light for their journey, compassion to know that their journey may be a little more difficult- a little more harder than ours.

Love, light and healing for all of those in this circle, for all those that touched us- allow ourselves to hear this, to feel the love that we have and regenerate in love and light- we love you, we love all that is around us at this time and we thank you, we thank you for being part of our lives, we thank you for showing up when times are rough, we thank you for allowing us to see the inner light- even as we travel though the darkness! There is always that light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this circle and thank you for the messages from spirit.

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