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Healing Here and The Hereafter

Do you believe that there are spirits on the other side of Life that maybe were not familiar with this light of Unconditional Love of God?

Do you think that if you were to die and do not believe in this Spark of God or Source that exist- what would happen to you? Would you be afraid to go into the light for the judgement that you may believe exist there?

Well in the last few years several of our mediums have worked on spirits that maybe were afraid to go into the light. It has been an amazing experience and now we are also healing those on this side of life to help them to see this light of Unconditional Love.

Every Sunday at 9Am we meet on Zoom to Experience this Healing Session.

Check it out!

This is a Live Zoom event where we come together to Heal those Spirits on the Other Side that are looking to advance into the Light of Love and while helping those souls find their Truth of Unconditional Love- We also heal those on this side find their way to Love.

We begin with an opening prayer and

a Music Meditation - Where I sit is Holy by Shania Noll (4 Minutes)

to call in Great Spirit to Circle around us in this Holy Place.

Then as we are asking the Souls on the other side to move into the vibration of Love and Light we play the song- Ain't no mountain High enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell (3 Minutes)

If you ever need a Helping Hand we are there for You! As Above, So Below!

We move onto playing the song- Rescue me By Fontella Bass (3 Minutes)

We finalize the healing session with Thankful The Juicebox Jukebox (4 minutes)

End with a Closing Prayer

This is an Upbeat Healing Session that will leave you feeling Blessed. Our Spirit Helpers Line up to help with this healing and stand in much Gratitude for our work. As we complete this healing we know that we are truly blessed.

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