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Hippie Fest One Love except Mediums!

What a beautiful weekend of Love and Light. Over 100 people walked up to our mediumship booth and walked away feeling more love and light and understanding that Life is Everlasting, that God is Love! No judgement just Love! It was amazing to see our newest generation embracing the One Love of Spirit even against the beliefs that surrounds them in the Bible Belt. They understand the true meaning of God's Love. It was great watching people when you tell them that what they're feeling is real- the truth of who they are is Love and the judgment is not in their reality.

Thank you to Spirit for allowing all of us to be the mediums to share the love and light! Even though Hippie Fest kicked us out since they are a "Christian Based" organization, they cannot take the experience away! I thought what makes me Not a Christian! I'm a Minister! I embrace the Love of this Universal Life Force I call God! Let's act as One Love and embrace each other in this Divinely Unified Love that IS who we are! God is Good! God is the universal life force that created each of us to live in our Diversity and in One Love! Be the Light for those to see! With so much appreciation and gratitude to be of service to this great universe!

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1 Comment

Oct 24, 2022

They kicked you out? Details, please.

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