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How to Power Your Life

Looking at a battery we see all different things as we describe it with our Human mind- The colors of silver, gold, copper, black hey even some blue. We see the negative and positive charges that help to power the appliances we used them in. We see an opportunity to make a toy run, a radio play our favorite music and so many other things- but how does spirit see the same battery:

Spirit sees the battery as Power- The Power we all hold within to create what we want in our lives. The understanding that with this power we can create in this universe with all the others around us. There is a divine oneness that intertwines with every soul on this side and the other side.

The energy combines in an even flow of Gold, Black, Copper and Blue, in fact all colors of the universe.

That we are just one spark of energy that connects with another spark of energy to form a bigger spark. Every once in a while, we split from the group that we have been part of only to go to another space and allow our spark to join with other sparks to create in a different way. Eventually all of these sparks become one. The energy of the negative and the positive charges are in everything. It is the way of the universe, but the power that comes with the negative and positive energy- build strength. This is the Power that is within each soul to experience all situations with the power and strength that we can find within.

God's Grace Honors this Power! You are a Creator! You Hold The Power! And together with all the sparks of light around you - YOU are Creating Your Story! Go deep within and feel this Strength and This Power that runs the entire universe.

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