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It's A New Day

Do you feel it?

Do you feel that there is a new you right around the corner and are you ready to embrace it?

In today’s energy we are being asked to notice all the changes taking place, especially within. Are you being shown emotions that are within that you want to release once and for all. Then take the lead and do just that!

This is a time for personal growth, personal understanding and healing. No longer are you supposed to live by other people’s standards.

There is a light within you that wants to shine. Your Truth, Your Unique Style that wants to be set free.

I know that you feel that! Sometimes it hides behind all the cords that tie us down. Start cutting those cords today- releasing old beliefs that do not fit into your reality today. There is a great frontier out there for you- One paved with stars. You represent the connection to this great universe, standing tall in your strength and power. The duality of all that is on this Earth’s plane can seem overwhelming at times but always remember that you have the power to rise above any diversity and shine. Today is a New Day- You can stand in that power.

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