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Let Me Be Free from Sadness

This is Crazy stuff! But I will share my story! In recent healings I have been told that I have a sadness deep inside of me. I could never really quite understand it. And of course, as an energy healer- I have looked at many trapped emotions from childhood. Well would it make sense that DNA memories from my Ancestors still reside in me? Is it from a Past Life of Mine? From an Ancestor?

So, in a Shamanic Illumination Healing Yesterday- The story was told of a young woman who was so lost and afraid since she had lost the love of her life. She decided to end her life and she jumped into a raging sea from the top of a light house. The stuck energy was in my hip- allowing me to rest on my loins instead of moving forward. I felt the sadness inside of me raging to come out! I was sobbing quiet tears of sadness, lost, heartbreak. During the Healing I was lifted from the sea and placed back on the ground cutting cords and releasing me from the sadness of a lost love and allowing me to realize that we will meet again as I danced away on the ground.

I was gifted by my healer a beautiful jewelry box with a dancing ballerina just like the one I had as a child and this gift is to allow me to feel my strength, my freedom and grace. I was also gifted a spirit animal to help me with my journey, a White Bunny with eyes wide open so I can see the new beginnings and abundance that surrounds me.

WOW! You cannot make this stuff up- But I felt the shift- the freedom to be ME! This longing, jealousy and wishing that things had gone a little different is released. And I am FREE to embrace ME!

Thank you for this Shamanic Illumination that allowed for the release of this past experience and allow me to feel the freedom! Watch out World! I am stronger, I am courageous, and I am abundant in all ways.

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