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Let the Magic Begin♥

The Grand Opening of Divinely Unified A Sacred Place was a success! So many came out to enjoy the festivities and the Vendors were amazing! To see this idea come into reality in just 3 short weeks was a blessing and was Divinely Inspired. To see a whole community of various people and services unite as 1 offering their services or special products is something that I will remember forever. To have my whole family there for support with Love. To see the growth of the Mediums and Healers that were present and allowing them to step into their truth of who they are, and their God Given Gifts was something to treasure. Then to see the visitors just knocked off their socks with the messages they received reminded me of the big "WHY" this space is so important. Can we unite as one and find the Magic in our Lives here on Earth? - The "Why" we are here and embrace the Mystical Adventure that is Unique for each one of us! YES! I believe this is our Path- This is the big "Why"!

Let's Live each Day embracing the Magic in our Lives, the Mystical Adventure, and the Metaphysical Synchronicities that are part of our everyday lives. It is with Great Love that Divinely Unified offers a safe place for you to do just that!

Infinite Intelligence, Divine Source, Unified Oneness, God is just waiting for you to embrace the Truth of who you are- Release all that is holding you back and Embrace the "Why" that is unique for you!

We were having so much fun and working so hard- Living in the Present Moment- we totally forgot to get pictures! Here are the few that were taken!

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