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Love is and will Always Be💙

We are coming to the end of a very Spiritual year. The doors have opened for many of you and you are stepping into the reality of who you truly are meant to be. There have been many obstacles and many times that you still wonder Is this the right thing to do and many of you have not stepped through the open door but peaking inside.

I can tell you even though it doesn’t seem so- the universe is set up for your ascension into a better world. You are the ones doing the hard work to help others to see that they too can do the same. As the way showers you ae holding the light.

Remember that when the times are tough it just means a time of rest to regroup to rebuild. The experience is meant for your growth into new dimensions of reality that you could not experience without the challenge. Every experience is meant for your growth- be sure to see it that way and not any other way.

Some may seem harsh but remember that out of the darkness the light shines even brighter.

Allow for the even flow on the universe. What goes up must come down- what goes down will be lifted in light. It allows people to shine their light, to step into the essence of Love, to help you find some joy in your experience. Remember your life here on earth is meant to be a journey to find bliss through every experience. The bliss of Love, Joy and Peace. Walk into the great unknown with this truth. You are the best version of you at any moment. You get to decide. Make your choice wisely. Allow all emotions to resonate from your heart space and not from your mind. Could this experience on earth be about finding out how to live from your heart. It is the Law- The law of nature. Learn to walk in the love of every experience, every person, every hope and dream and watch your world change. Love is and Love will always be! With so much Love and Grace for your Personal journey,

I remain,

The Collective.

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1 Comment

Beautiful 💛 Thank you for this Lovely message!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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