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Soul Here and Hereafter Healing

Our Very First Live Webinar for our Soul Healing Event was Today on April 30th, 2023 which in Numerology represents a 5.

The spiritual meaning of 5 is CHANGE!

It is the Freedom and Spiritual Enlightenment that come with change!

It represents the Duality of this Human life and can even be associated with the
5 senses, 5 major organs, and 5 vowels.

In this experience in change- there is a desire to explore new possibilities and experiences.

YES! TES! YES! There have been 3 of us doing this work over the last year- and in some of our circles is totally misunderstood. Commonly known as "Rescue Work".

As Healers, we embrace the blessings and gifts that our Loved Ones in Spirit and Spirt Helpers offer for the work that we do! We know that in our world and the world above there are levels of consciousness that sometimes are not filled with the unconditional love that this beautiful Divine Love and Light Offers. It is our Desire to help heal those that need the assistance to find the Divine Love that is here and in the hereafter for each and every one of us.

Check out the Event- Every Sunday at 9AM for just 15 to 20 minutes.

This is an Upbeat Healing Session that will leave you feeling Blessed. Our Spirit Helpers Line up to help with this healing and stand in much Gratitude for our work. As we complete this healing, we know that we are truly blessed.

Join the Group and be part of this amazing healing experience!

Post your comments in the group as to what you experienced in the session and be sure to reach out to Rev. Jenny Seeley with any questions that you may have.


Our Very First Soul Healing for Here and Hereafter

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