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Spiritual Meaning of a Tick?

Really- You can find a Spiritual Meaning of just about anything- even a Tick!

Check out what Awakening State has to say:

Things that we try to keep hidden.

In spiritual terms, ticks represent the things that we try to keep hidden. We may try to ignore them or push them down, but they always come back to haunt us. Ticks remind us that we need to face our fears and deal with our repressed emotions head-on. Only then can we move on with our lives.

Yes we are in the Journey of Turning our Overgrowth into a work of art. Into a Great place to meditate and to be with God, Source, The Earth, The Trees, The water and Nature. It is taking lots of hard work and energy but the results are going to be amazing! It's our Vision!

Spirt Gave us the name- Our Earthly Garden!

A place to be one with the Earth- To Ground- To be present- to experience all things Spiritual while in Nature. It was not well kept- People have left their trash behind- there are vines that are choking out the beauty and the essence of what the garden could be.

Isn't that really our Lives. Is there trash and vines that need to be cut to help us be our True Self! That inner Wise person that has power and strength and connection to Source!- Unconditional Love!

So, it makes sense that the Tick would show up! Finding all those things that are hidden. My favorite- Trapped Emotions!

Come with us on this journey to Awaken the Beauty within while we work on this Earthly Garden.

So far- Just 8 ticks down!

It was amazing to experience a peaceful meditation that night where a Deer- A doe showed up!

So Graceful in her manner and very trustworthy. It was immediately known that - we are on the right path. With Grace and Honor, Trust in all things Spiritual and knowing that we are Protected. The Deer appears at times when you are taking steps that are of Pure Faith!

Thank you to the synchronicities-

We are on the Right Path!

We are Holding Faith in something much bigger than we are- Infinite Intelligence!

With Love- Divinely Unified

A Sacred Place

Thank you to all of our Helpers

for their support!

We Love You!

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Laurie Seeley
Laurie Seeley
May 08, 2023

Such a powerful connection with the ticks, clearing out the cords that bind us and restoring beauty to Mother Earth. I am thrilled to be a part of this Earthly Garden and Divinely Unified Spiritual Center.


May 08, 2023

I love those pictures it looks amazing

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