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Stand Tall in Who You Are

Let's share a Channeled message of Love and Light from the other side of life.


It's good to know that we come and gather around this table for messages. We set aside this time to come and to listen and to hear messages of love and support and inspirations but it is important for you to know that those same messages are inside each and everyone of you, Stand tall and remember that message.- stand tall in knowing who you are and that these messages of inspiration are within each and every one of you- You have the wisdom, you have the knowledge and you have the power. We, on the Spirit side of life see what you are doing see how you are dealing with the chaos around you at this time, we honor you for walking your path at this time and we are so proud of you for figuring out how to stay on your spiritual path in all of the chaos that is around you. You know that you have chosen to be here, You know that you have come as the way shower. What you do not know is how many you have healed along the way, how many you have touched, how many that your smile has touched and healed. You would be greatly astonished when you see how your life’s purpose has touched so many. We, on the spirit side of life and on the astral side of life know what you are going through, we see you, we feel you, we hear you, we hear your prayers, we hear your questions, and we are here for you. There is so much going on at this time but yet you take this time to come to this circle. You know the importance with touching in with spirit, you know the importance of touching in with guidance and you are blessed because of it. Remember that even though so many that walk this earth are not in tune with the reality that you understand- accept them and understand that they too are on their own path. It is a great thing to see so many different paths merging into one- one great big white light of healing and understanding and one day you too will have full acceptance but for today you walk your path with all the gusto that you can and with every breath and every thought and every emotion you are a creator. That is so important to remember, in every thought and every emotion and in every breath, you are a creator. Remember you know we are leading you and guiding you standing by your side, holding your hand- you have the free choice to follow the wisdom within or to walk your own path. Remember everyone has that same option. There are so many that still at this time just remember that they have chosen that path too- send them love and light for their journey send them healing and know that all in all we are one, united in love, united in consciousness, united in peace. We, as always thank you or your service, thank you for the opportunity to be here tonight and to speak with you. But understand that those words of wisdom are within each and every one of you and the opportunity and just waiting the opportunity to be spoken- Bless each and every one of you.

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