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The Aspects of Healing Through Trance Mediumship

This weekend I was able to experience something that was out of this world. Yes, truly I stepped Out of this world and stepped into the world on the other side. Through Trance Mediumship we were able to talk with our Indian Guides, Joy Guides, and many Loved ones from the other side of life.

I know for some the idea sounds scary to allow spirits on the other side to “Merge” with you but in all honesty, it is one of the best experiences to feel the unconditional love that spirit has for us. The feeling that literally brings you to tears- not out of sadness but out of pure joy.

As we sat in a circle of energetic Love for all of us in the circle, we were able to support each person as they took their own individual journey to healing.

Each person had an opportunity to experience their own unique journey as they sat in the front of the circle encompassed by all the love from all the members in the circle. As they relaxed and went into a more in-tuned consciousness- each learned to allow spirits to step up close to them. They began to trust that all happens for their highest and best good and finally they surrendered to the process to allow the spirits on the other side to walk up close to them so them could feel them, feel their Love and offer messages to them of support and most importantly healing.

What a beautiful experience- Imagine talking with your loved ones just as they are holding you, hugging you and sending their love.

Did your Love ones leave this world and left behind some guilt, some frustration, some uneasiness about how they died. Let them offer their love and support for your healing. They are now healed.

The Circle of Life was so amazing that I just had to set up a service to allow for your individual experience. Check it out and see if this is something that you would like to experience. I will be present for you and walk you through it. You are more than welcome to experience Healing in a Meditation and Healing Circle on the third Wednesday of each month- In Person or via Zoom. Check out that experience.

With so much Love and Light for your healing Journey

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