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The Manipulation of Energy

This is a beautiful message channeled by Jenny during a Trance Circle and said to be from Albert Einstein. It talks about the real energy of Jenny's Place in Virginia. It's a place to learn, to laugh and to experience and to Heal!

April 8th, 2022

There are important words being brought forth tonight, words that you can heed to, or you can pass on. Your world has an energy source that's traveling around that this group is not familiar with, this group is encompassed by love and light and has much protection around it. But that doesn’t always protect you from forces that are, let’s say, not of the light. This one has such an open heart, believes that all is good. And there is no good or bad or indifferent, its light and dark. Sometimes managing the energy sources is a feat that is still questioned at times as how to succeed. I believe that it is more than likely what is going on with this group at this time. Scientist everyday deals with energy, energy moves and energy entanglement. Are you scientist in your own way? Yes.

You sit in this group, and you want to connect with spirit, and you call spirit in and you are trying to merge with spirit- is that not a scientist? But as a scientist you still are aware of the effects that you can encounter and use to gain power in your source.

All of this really doesn't make sense to you at this point and time but it may in the future. You have free choice to do as you will. You have lots of people looking over you however knowing that you have free choice to do as you please, we just ask you to move with caution. There are lots of sources that are coming to the earth at this time that are experimenting with energy, with merging, with finding the light or should I say more finding the power in the light.

Is your light source powerful? Can energy be withdrawn from your light source? These are questions that you can ask yourself. Things are moving in a whole different way at this time. Lots of experiments going on with energy resources and all different kinds of things. You, merging with spirit we see that you have raised your hand. You said we will work with you- its just some of us in the spirit world want to make sure that you are ready and you are protected and you are safe. And that you are not feeding energy to a source that is not for your highest and best good. Is that a personal opinion? YES. But merging with spirit, you have learned how to go within, how to touch your essence of who you are, your soul. You are learning more and more every day, and your soul knows. Your soul may not be the same as other souls, the other souls may be different, but your soul knows and when you sit in this room, when you merge with spirit, You are having a personal experience with your soul. Honor that! no matter what anyone says, honor your soul. Those are my words of wisdom tonight. (thank you- May we ask who is speaking)- you would know me as Albert Einstein. I studied energy for a long time. I continue to study energy. In fact, I'm sharing with you new sources of energy and will be back again and share with you. There are many of us on the other side watching your group. Some of us see it as a little experiment, you did not realize you were scientist in your own fact of what you are doing here in this circle and we appreciate all the work that you do and that you allow us to be present. We do have a lot of trail and error- Yes but isn't that how you succeed, if you were to stop the first time you failed then where would you be. it is always trial and error but there is one important thing, you are opening yourself up to so many spirits and you believe like this one does that all the spirit there is good and we are not saying that they are not- it’s just some spirits are looking out their own best interest and not for the interest of the whole of which this group whether you realize it or not has set your intention to be working for the whole. Each and every one of you set time aside not on an ego basis of what you can do what you can’t do, but your soul is sitting in this circle for the greater good of mankind. You're getting to that point, yes, you are working with energy, yes you are redefining energy, yes you are finding out how energy works within your body, yes you are figuring out how energy can manipulate your physical reality, yes but while you do all this your soul knows, your soul, for your highest and best good and for the highest and best good of others around you. As my friend said, this sanctuary that you sit in is dedicated to healing in the advancement of others like yourself, you come into this space with that knowledge, and you leave this space and take it forth. I know I am boring you now. –

This one doesn't really like scientist. But she loves energy and the manipulation of such and she will foretell stories of energy that will be more than you can imagine. Keep your eyes wide open, because when you experience something that's never been seen before, it leaves a spot on your DNA that you bring forth to future generations. Thank you

Jenny continues with another spirit:

Now that is a hard act to follow-

The energy in this room is so dense we need to lift it up and lift it up in spirits that you walk from this room feeling alive. Take a deep breath in and then just feel your presence. The presence that you will take with you when you leave this room. Feeling energized as the energy drops into each and every one of you, you are feeling it, you feel it going from each and every one up to the divine to be rejuvenated again and again and again and again and again. Thank you for the work that you do and the future work that you will do, always remembering that the true answer is right there inside of you. I will leave you with that message. Thank you

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