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The Rhythm of Your Breath

This meditation was recorded in the green light of healing. I would suggest that you wrap yourself in green while listening. There are times of dogs barking, doors opening and closing, heavy breathing and much time of silence. All left in the video intentionally for your unique experience.

So, take a deep breath in and breathe out all that does not serve us well at this point and let’s do those 3 times. Breathe it in and out. We are asking all of our loved one, spirit guides, teachers our angels to come in tonight all that are here for our highest and best good, we ask them to follow our light, for those that are attracted to our light, please allow our light to transmute any darkness around you into light.

We are here tonight with the intention of connecting to our inner self, to our highest good, to our higher self and to all those on the spirit world side that are here to assist us. So, as we breathe, and have the veil to the other side lowered, we know that we are protected. We know that our source is connected to the universal source that surrounds each and every one of us- energetically we are all connected to one and we are all connected to this great universe. The energy around this room now is about change. It's about releasing this cover we leave around us and allowing us to fly. So as we have this is a blanket of security -of safeness that we keep around us. As we breathe and connect to our heart center allow that security blanket to be released. When we release this blanket of security it allows us to soar with the eagles.

So many of you have been on this path for quite a while and you have exhibited your wiliness to learn and to show the way to those who are struggling around you and now you are going to be called on even more than you have ever been called on before.

So we need to stress the importance of connecting with your breath, Connecting with your heart, Connecting with your voice, (DOG BARKS) It’s So Funny- as you connect with your voice just as the energy around you, sometimes you may seem that the voice may needs to shout and as long as you are connected to the higher power of that voice - it is ok, sometimes when the shout it allows you to shred….. or shed, feel and let go. It is important for you to understand the energy of this time, so breathe that in.

Allow that silence to be that loud voice shouting at you. Connect to that silence to feel your vibration- rise. Allow the thoughts to rise up inside of you, just examine them, right at this time you don’t have to deal with them- just allow.

When you get to that point where your vibration is like a turning fork, you can hear the vibration, the energy of the vibration in the whole room you are connected to this great Divine, you are connected to source energy, you are connected to the loved ones around this room. And we have the power to give them a voice it is a very important power, a very important power so take honor in that. Be sure to shar anything that you receive.

Dogs Barking 9:4- 11:06

Silence until 20:43

Tonight, Green was chosen as the color of healing as speaking your truth as standing in your power accepting who you are and how you work with spirit. Your spirit teachers recognize the stress that you deal with on a daily basis and they are here to help.

28:35 -39:24

So, this has been a time that you have allowed yourself to go within, you have allowed yourself to see what rises to the top, whether those thoughts were thoughts of frustration, disappointment, unworthiness, you have taken the time to sit in the silence and look within and that is all that it takes.

Now that we ask you during the silence to look at your heart, feel your heart, feel your heart beating with the rhythm of your breath. You have been given the breath of life, you have been given the breath of healing, you have been given the breath of unconditional love, just let that resonate with you a bit.

You are present in this room, you are present with your higher self, you are present with the beings around you in this NOW moment, pay attention to how you feel pay attention to your experience for it was uniquely yours

I want you at this time to feel your feet and know that your feet can go into nature at any time, this nature is what will revitalize you bring in the motherly earthly energy which is meant to heal and rejuvenate. We all as a collective agree that now is the time that you will need to pull your resources together, pull your resources together to get through what you may see as trauma but is really growth.

As earlier in this meditation you had your cloak of armor, your cloak of your past histories that you shed and now we ask that you reach to the heavens and you pull down your cloak of unconditional love and you wrap yourself in that cloak and you feel the warmth and the heat that it gives you and you wrap it even tighter. This is a time for you to be bundled in unconditional love and know that that is true. And as things arise in you, allow them to be released, allow them to be free, allow them to fly and you bring that cloak of unconditional love even closer and you wrap yourself in that cloak and you feel to the warmth, and you feel the love, And you feel the peace and the joy that it brings you. This is a time in your energy to be subdued, to release all that does not serve you and to hold tight that feeling of unconditional love- You are out warriors, you are our goddesses, you are our peace givers and right now during this time of change, we want to wrap our arms around you, we want you to feel our love we want you to know you are safe and you are protected. We want you to rejuvenate your genes, rejuvenate your thoughts, rejuvenate your body for the time is coming that your strength will need to be stronger and with peace. With so much Love- we wrap you in our arms of love and want you to feel it, we want you to love it and we want you to recognize it.

There is plenty of time for messages from our loved ones and you each will experience it in your own way- your unique way so embrace it at this time.

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