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Your Ultimate Guide to Ascension: Where are we heading?

Today if you are on a Path to Spiritual Awakening or not- You are feeling the Shift! The Earth's energy is getting more and more in-tuned to the infinite possibilities and your body is having a hard time keeping up! This is your guide to the Ascension Path!

As we build this Community- Let us remember that we are all unique in this process! We have advice that can be shared to help awaken others along the path and even help us to keep on track even in times of aniexity, anger, fear and turmoil.

Hi I am Jenny Seeley and have been on a journey of Spiritual Awakening and have had the great opportunity to also bring some friends along with me. They are diverse, unique and quite interesting. It is so funny to me how this Universal God Source shows itself in so many different ways, while always reminding us that we are Divinely Unified in one Goal- To be the Wayshowers for so many along the path, to be the instrument that allows for growth and to see each of us as Unique but Equal in our gifts and how we show up in the world.

Sometimes this Infinite Intelligence that I call "GOD" wants us to take action- in big ways- in ways that we can't even imagine supporting the idea of Infinite Possibilities.

Can we remove the anxiety, fear, worry, unworthiness, abandonment, betral, nervousness, anger, bitterness, resentment, jealously and feeling overwhelmed. I say YES! And these emotions are showing up big time right now! The Reason- Let it Go! Let's Heal so we each can stand in our Truth of Who we really are!

Together we will explore ways and options to release these emotions- to find ways to step into our Truth with Honor and Dignity. Come Join us for this interactive Journey- Let the Journey Begin!

What is our First step in this Guide to Ascension?

Ascension- What is it?

Let's Build Our Community!


What is our First Step in this Guide to Ascension?

Celebration- Let's Celebrate how far you have come. Just think about where you were at at the beginning of 2023. How much have you grown?

It is time to celebrate even our smallest accomplishments. This Year represents a 7 year which is all about your Spiritual Growth.

Have you moved into a new spiritual path?

Is your connection to this Universal God Source Growing Stronger?

Have you stepped out of behind closed doors to share your gifts?

If not, are you ready to do so?

This is really your chance to celebrate your accomplishments this year. Recognize how you have grown each year- How you are different today than yesterday and Dream of the Big Picture- What is in store for you in the future- In 2024?

Ascension, What is it- in Simple Terms?

It is a Revolution! It is bringing Heaven and Earth together. Bringing the promise of the beauty, joy and peace of Heaven right here to Earth. It is the process of our connection to The Divine Powers that exist in this Universe. This God Consciousness. where Miracles, Healing, Signs and Wonders exist.

I know you have seen them. You may have even been associated with one or more. Maybe you gut is telling you that you will be Ok even in these times of turmoil. As a medium, I believe that our ancestors are here to help. It's about letting go of all the emotions that reside inside of us to become one with our own God Self. We know that we are all Energy! And energy is in everything- even our cells and cell memories. Some of these emotions are unknown to our awareness- trapped-or even from our ancestral line that are still in our DNA, our DNA Memories and reside in our cells. Can you recognize them? I believe that this Universal God Source is always showing them to us for Ultimate Healing.

What if? We could remove that energetic tie that is binding us in one direction or the other. Some have been carried for generations- Are we meant at this time to be the one that "Breaks the Tie".

I say yes! Which just means that we have to Be Brave! Trust more than ever in this Higher Infinite Intelligence and Let it all Go! We learn that as we begin to Relax, Release, Surrender and Let Go- We become more in tuned to our Inner connection to The All that is! That is when you live your life in your Truth of Who You Are- no matter what anyone says! If you are here on this earth today- you are a lightworker! Let's work and support each other along the way!

What if we build a community of Support?

The time is right in the Universe to become One in our strength and our truth! Join the Community and see what 2024 has in store for you!

Let's Come together in Peace, Love and Joy to build this community of Masters. There are so many ways to experience your truth and at Divinely Unified, we offer a diverse opportunity to learn! Through our connections in our Spiritual Community, you will be able to find something that calls out to you!

The very first step- to Learn about Healing- What is it? Divinely Unified offers a Laying on of Hands Spiritual Healing Training Class to help you to understand the ancient art of Healing. The Next class is coming up the first of the year and will also be offered via Zoom. The class will be offered quarterly throughout the year. Even if you are currently a Healer, - This Workshop is for you. It allows for instruction and practice and is being offered via zoom. Come join us!

You will find the inner peace that you have been looking for! Check out our services that help you to find your Truth and Release those ties that hold you down so that you can Soar with the eagles!

Join Our Community of Light Workers!

Jenny Seeley

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1 Comment

Dec 27, 2023

Thank you Jenny for this beautiful article I enjoyed reading this. I too agree we’re in a great shift and this time is about letting go, releasing old stories, old programs, old paradigms and coming into the newness of who we are, coming into our fullness. I’m so excited to see what 2024 has for us Healers and Lightworkers.

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