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What does 2022 Have in store for us?

Prophecies for the year 2022-

6 The year of Strength- your personal strength- you are being asked to proceed with caution. Your thoughts manifest real things. If there is a time that you need rest- take it and don’t feel bad about it. This is your year of growth at your pace not anyone else’s. You are a light worker and in doing your work- you need your time to rejuvenate and recharge. Let’s change our thoughts on that! It is a MUST- it is built into our spiritual awakening!

My guides have divided this year into 4 parts or quarters This year divided into 4 quarters

1st Quarter – 01, 02, 03 =6

Building the blocks of the future. Changing all that we know is true- laying the foundation here we will run along brick walls- but we will persevere- We will try new things and all things to see where we fit into this matrix of change. We will experiment with letting go of what we know is true. And we will embrace all things new! We will feel that we have many pots stirring and that it is OK- We are tipping our toe into many different modalities.

2nd Quarter- 04,05,06=6

Now we are starting to see things coming together. We are feeling like the walls are more of steel. These are going to feel unmovable in their existence. But knowing that steel can bend and be molded into what it is that you want. You are starting to realize that the power lies within to see the change to feel the change and to experience the change the way that is best for you in your unique style. We are starting to finally and forever let go of others' beliefs of what is best for you and tapping into the power within who is guiding you and leading you along the way. More and more you are beginning to trust.

3rd Quarter 07, 08, 09= 6

Ah halfway through the year and it feels that everything has sped up.

These walls are getting to be more like plexiglass- you can see through them, you see the bends and the curves, you can feel the weakness in the walls. You know that you have power over the walls. You are starting to put stickers on the walls and enjoying their color, their essence and their personality. Where there is weakness you add strength- where there is boldness you embrace the strength. You are realizing these walls represent -YOU! Your Uniqueness in this great universe. There are no flaws just points of strength, courage, compassion and Love.

4th quarter 10,11,12- -6

Now you see these same walls as transparent- you have learned that you can walk right through them- they are no longer of solid material, and you become one with the wall. The wall is you and you are the wall. Your experience and belief have built the walls and they are you. No one can remove or replace the wall but you- there is no need to replace it- to remove it- just become one with the wall.

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