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What is your Human Story?

What does a Spool of Thread mean to you?

Today I experienced a beautiful understanding of communication of Spirit.

Our Human mind looks at a spool of thread and when asked to describe it we can get very detailed about the actual item. Some of us go into great detail of how it is used, how it has been used in the past and the actual description.

Then when you ask Spirit to describe the Spool of Thread you get a whole different description that is more philosophical, opening your mind to see the beauty in everything you see.

So, to Spirit the spool of thread represents Love. Represents our Grandmothers and Great-Grandmothers who taught their children for generations to sew. They passed down the gift from their ancestors to the future generations. They taught the Love in making something for someone else, for taking care of family just by the act of sewing a button on a garment. It was a time to share with their younger generations the gifts that they had learned over their lifetimes. Even though some of those traditions have passed there are new traditions that are being passed down throughout the generations. Live your life in the Love of the memories that you create because they will last much longer than your lifetime. They will thread through many lifetimes to follow. As you unfold your spool of thread, pay close attention to what you are creating. Remember the Love of those around you and show them how to create the life that we all desire- A life of Love, Laughter, Joy and Peace. You are the Spool of your own life and many lives to follow!

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