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What Super Power do You Possess?

Today I had the Honor to host a beautiful Shamanic Energy Healer at Divinely Unified @ Jenny's Place for her Very First Healing Session. Cynthia Techeira Stepped into her true power today! With 20 unique individuals present- the energy was so diverse yet so unified. All offering compassion to the one- Chynthia, the one stepping out from behind the curtain to embrace her gift and share it with others. It takes courage to step out to do something that is totally out of the norm for most people. And Cynthia Rocked it! I am so impressed! The Trust of Spirit and the Courage it took for Cynthia to do something so out of the ordinary. I am not talking about the energy healing and praying that she has done her whole life-but to step out to the Public and share with others knowing that some may discount her gift. The Courage- The Trust- The Allowance! Pure Faith in God! And then, the Courage it took for so many who came to the experience- walking into the door- not really knowing what was happening- but opened that door with a heart wide open, then to sit in the chair surrounded by many faces that they did not know, to have Cynthia release the blockages that have been holding them down from being their true self. The circle of love could be felt in the entire room. So many with open hearts to the experience. To each and every one of my quests today I say, "THANK YOU".

You are amazing individuals and I look forward to seeing each one of you stepping into the Glory and the Gifts that this great Universe has in store for you!

I'm excited for the future in this spiritual year of 2023! I ask you to step into your future with Courage to unleash the Power within you!

With Love for your journey,


Book your 30-minute session today with Cynthia- Click Here

Want learn Shamanism? Talk to Laurie Seeley- Our very own Shaman Practioner!

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