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Who is a Shaman Practitioner?

A shamanic practitioner is someone who practices shamanism, a spiritual practice found in many cultures around the world.

Shamanism involves connecting with the spiritual realm, communicating with spirits, and using spiritual methods to bring about healing, guidance, and transformation.

Shamanic practitioners are typically individuals who have undergone some form of training or initiation into the shamanic tradition. They may work with various tools and techniques, such as drumming, chanting, journeying, and working with plant medicines, to facilitate spiritual experiences and connect with the spirit world.

In traditional societies, shamanic practitioners were often considered healers and spiritual leaders, and they played an important role in the community. Today, many shamanic practitioners continue to work in the healing arts, helping individuals to connect with their inner wisdom and find balance and harmony in their lives.

Divinely Unified is pleased to have Laurie Seeley of Star Shine Energy Healing offering healings that are unique to each individual and dives deep into challenges or beliefs that are hidden from plain site. In her healings she is helped by many Spirit Helpers, Healers and Spirit Loved Ones.

Our Shamanic Practioner Services Provided:

Full Shamanic Illumination Chakra Clearings Energy Healing Whole House Clearings Fire Ceremonies Rituals & Ceremonies Journeys Destiny Path Meet your Power Animals Meet your Ancestors Many many more

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