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Image by Raimond Klavins

Precipitation Art

Holi Festival

Spirit Communication

Such a Rare Gift from Spirt on the Other Side. Some Mediums offer this special gift known as Precipitation Mediumship.  With this ability the Medium never touches the card and often Spirit Produces Evidential Images and Writings without human hands or instruments.  It is an amazing offering when you are able to participate.


My Story:  While attending classes at The United Metaphysical Chapel in Roanoke, I met a young man that offered Precipitation Art.  I was a little familiar with the concept but had never experienced it.  He had his box that he put colored pencils in along with cards- closed the box and then just sat at the front of the class.  I was able to Hold the box while the class members sent energy to assist the Spirit ones on the other side to make their offerings.  Needless to say, I was astounded when I opened the box and there was a card for Me!  My Spirit Teacher came through, Chief Joseph and wrote on the card "Teach The World" - what a message- I was so excited- I laughed, I cried, I screamed and was absolutely amazed.  My friend also got a card with Confirming information from her guide.  While the Medium that offered the Precipitation Art acted as if this is something he sees everyday- WHAT!  I still cry when thinking of the experience!

This is an incredibly rare Gift of Spirit.  

If you ever have the opportunity to participate in a Precipitation Seance -

Please do-

You will never forget the experience.



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