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Healing Pool Experience

Enjoy a relaxing Salt Water Pool

  • 1 hour
  • 30 US dollars
  • Jenny's Place VA

Service Description

The healing pool is a place that has been charged with positive healing energy. The gifted crystals merge to offer the best of each crystal to mix with the salt water and offer healing qualities that are full of infinite possibilities. During this 2-hour session, you will be transformed to a magical place of imagination. One that you can foresee the truth that resides inside of you. The truth that you are masters in your own world. You have the ability to be washed clean of all of your transgressions against yourself, the negative beliefs, the negative thinking and come to a place of peace and understanding. In these 2 hours- representing Duality- more and more it will become clear the difference in our thoughts, we will come to terms with our negative thinking and will learn to deal with it and offer forgiveness for allowing us to feel. For if we are unable to feel the dark side of life, we would not be able to feel the ultimate side of light and love. This duality allows us to transform the dark into light. As we experience this transformation you will leave feeling refreshed and motivated and full of gratitude for the experience. The healing waters of the pool will transmute any darkness into love and light. Feel free to donate your special stone to the assortment to enhance the healing abilities of the pool. The collective consciousness of all connected will be enhanced by the energy. The Divine Source, along with the Watchtower Angels will be participating in the transformation of the energy to pure unconditional love. The special Angels are as follows: Arch Angel Michael- South- Blue- the Angel of deliverance and of protection- The Leader of all Angels Arch Angel Raphael- East- Green-Gift of Healing- Divine Healer-God Heals- any healing starts from him Arch Angel Uriel- North- Yellow- Light of God- Can help to find inner power and of unconditional forgiveness Arch Angel Gabriel- West- White- God is my strength – the Angel of communication and new beginnings. Sometimes this is your personal healing, and you will be alone. You may be sharing with others depending on the circumstances. If you are in need of a private pool session- the price will be hourly and will need to be scheduled in advance on a different day, then Sunday. Be sure to experience the amazing healing properties of this pool- but be ready to transform. With Love and Light, Jenny Seeley, Spiritual Healer and Intuitive

Contact Details

  • Divinely Unified, Davis Avenue, Chesapeake, VA, USA


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