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Dear Laurie

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful shamanic healing I received from you in such a difficult time for me. Sometimes when we are so tired and weary of what is being presented to us, we need to reach out for help from others. I did and you were right there willing to help. Your chakra cleansing was amazing, the cord cutting was most needed. I was over the top and totally dazzled by the things you picked up from a past life experience, which made total sense. The advice you gave from what you saw was excellent and worked perfectly in my scenario. I am still reaping the benefits of my session with you, and I will let everyone that is seeking this kind of healing, know you are the best. Thanks again for an amazing healing.


 Love and Light

I Love everything about




What a wonderful place to Grow!

Dear Laurie

I had only met her the week before, but in less than 20 minutes Laurie Seeley with Star Shine Energy Healing cleared my chakras with only a feather, a stone, and a stick of incense. She is a true shaman! To explain what exactly happened, I felt a tingling sensation moving up through the bottom of my feet as she waved a feather over my rainbow-colored centers of energy. My stomach started to make sounds after she concentrated on my sacral chakra (the orange one). This was all she had to do to repair my energy flow, but Laurie went one step further and told me a single word that she received from Great Spirit. It was just what I needed to hear!


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