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A Sacred Place

Divinely Unified offers a unique place where people can come together to explore and deepen their spiritual practices, connect with like-minded individuals, and find support on their spiritual journey. We offer different spiritual practices, gatherings, workshops and events.  Divinely Unified also offers the opportunity to rent a variety of spaces at both of their locations.  It’s a great place to offer your next meditation, yoga class, classrooms, meeting rooms and event spaces. 


Beautiful Spiritual Center

Rent Entire Space
For Just
$35 per Hour

1st Option

Classroom Rental

Our Classroom rental is the perfect space for your spiritual retreat or gathering.  Features enough space to comfortably sit 16 people and is easily convertible to either a circle formation or Classroom with tables. There is also a private room that can easily be used for a private office and features a chair massage table that easily converts to a full table. Whether you're hosting a guided meditation class or a spiritual seminar, our Classroom rental is the perfect space to make it happen. It is equipped with one bathroom, Small kitchen area with a refrigerator and Keurig Coffee Maker and Microwave.


2nd Option

Private Room

This private room for rent is ideal for reiki sessions or meditation. It is well-lit with an adjustable led light and very quiet ceiling fan. Offers a peaceful and serene space for spiritual practices. It features comfortable seating, a meditation chair that converts to a table and a relaxing atmosphere. Rest assured that you will feel safe and at ease as you journey through your spiritual practice in this private room. 

3rd Option

Large Parking Space

This parting lot is ideal for your next spiritual festival. Located in a peaceful setting, the lot provides the perfect area for rent to host your guests. It features plenty of space for tents and the perfect atmosphere for your spiritual gathering. 

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