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Meet Our Intuitives

Offering Wide Range of Spiritual Gifts to Offer you support and guidence

At Divinely Unified we’re so proud of our opportunities to explore all things Spiritual. We offer services from all types of Intuitives.  Who is an Intuitive- I bet you are!  This is the Best Thing about Divinely Unified- it offers a place where you can explore your gifts in a safe environment with like-minded individuals.  Do you have gifts that maybe you are hiding from plain view.  Then let us help you embrace your intuitive and spiritual gifts and learn how to embrace them.

Who is a Medium? A Person who connects to Loved Ones on the Other Side.

Who is a Psychic? A person that connects with your energy field that has information of past, present and future.

Who is an Intuitive? One that knows the Connection to Source and is comfortable with that connection.

Who is an Empath? One that feels others energy field, this can mean that sometimes you take it on as your own. 

Let us Help You!

Our Mediums, Psychics and Intuitives will help you to discover the real WHO of Who you are with no judgment, in a Safe Place. They offer Healing of your Past Traumas, your belief systems and your self esteem. 

Remember you are Good Stuff!

It's Time to Embrace The Power of You and Your Gifts!

Find Out about Our Intuitives Today!



Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher

Laurie is an intuitive who has a special connection to spirit which really helps her in her Shamanic Work.  As she grows in her Shamanic Practice she offers healings that are unique to each individual and dives deep into challenges  or beliefs that are hidden from plain site. In her healings she is helped by many Spirit Helpers, Healers and Spirit Loved Ones.  She offers many different Shamanic Experiences to include classes to help you find that connection within. 



Spiritual Intuitive, Healer and Teacher

Jenny is an Intuitive that shares messages of Healing, Love and Light to help you in your growth. It is her mission to allow you to see Your God Given Gifts and to be able to Say Out Loud- I am an Intuitive. She loves being a "Trance" medium where she steps aside so that spirit can merge with her to deliver their message. All of her messages are of Love, Peace and Healing.


KJ Kier Johnson

Spiritual Guide and Healer

KJ Kier is a gifted male spiritual channeler, renowned for his profound abilities in soul healing and intuition. With a deep connection to the spiritual realm, KJ serves as a conduit for divine wisdom and healing energies, empowering individuals on their spiritual journey.

His connection allows him to tap into the essence of a person's soul, facilitating the release of blockages, past traumas, and negative energies. 

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