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Nikki Spears

Psychic, Medium, and Intuitive Healer

Nikki Spears is a practicing psychic, medium and intuitive healer trained by the International Spiritualist Federation, Tracey Escobar- The Red Couch Medium, Gary Mannion the physical medium and intuitive healer-psychic surgeon and Rev. Rosemary Calderaldo. She has completed many rigorous courses and training in mediumship and healing. She is known for her channeled messages. Her goal is to heal through mediumship and to teach others what she has learned and experienced.
Nikki also sits in a weekly trance mediumship and a physical mediumship circle. She has studied trance under her mentor Gary Mannion and continues to develop her gifts. She has started teaching a beginner’s class on merging with spirit and will soon be taking appointments for intuitive healing.

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