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Healing Bundle Clearing Emotions

Emotional Cleansing with Medicine Bundle

Washing your hands of old emotions from not only you but your Ancestors from the other side.

  • 30 min
  • Online Via Zoom

Service Description

There are emotions that are holding us back from our Full Protentional! And some of these emotions we are not even aware of. They resonate in our DNA and the DNA of our Ancestors. As we connect to clear these emotions- we ask that our Ancestors step up to help us with the process and they are Willing and Able. *We start the healing process by pulling an emotion from the crystal bowl that is harboring these emotions. This bowl contains healing crystals- Citrine Quartz- Representing your Solar Plexus where all your emotions are held. *Then we will take the time to release these emotions from our DNA forever across all time, space and reality. Removing the emotion from our Mind, Body and Soul. *Once released we will throw with all the power and might of the emotion into the bowl of Black Onyx - our grounding stone that represents our Root Chakra- our strength- our power. *Then when all is complete- we will wash our hands of this emotion forever and ever since it no longer serves us! We will do this in our crystal bowl filled with our upper Chakra Healing Stones- Rose Quartz and Lavender Quartz - both stones representing the connection our Heart Has to the Super Natural Unconditional Love of The Divine. * As we smell the roses- we are reminded how beautiful this Life is! How grateful we are for The Divine Love of God and of all of our Spirit Helpers that are helping us Live our Best Life and Love the Life we Live!

Contact Details


Divinely Unified, Davis Avenue, Chesapeake, VA, USA

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