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Sunshine Medicine Bundle

Sunshine Medicine Bundle

SKU: DU2022149920

The Crystal Quartz stones originate in Brazil and have been charged with healing energy. There are 4 stones representing laying the groundwork for a beautiful healing experience. Packaged in an easy to carry velvet bag


 * Lavender Rose Quartz and the Rose Quartz representing Unconditional Love represents your Spiritual Chakras. The pink color of the Rose Quartz connects with your Heart and the Lavender quartz connects with your spiritual center.

* Both stones will help you to value yourself and to see that value in others. They can be used to regenerate your Mind, Body and Soul to that with a closer connection to this Universe, and The Divine.

* Pink is the color of compassion, kindness, and gratitude. These stones will help you with your connection to all that is Divine.

*Yellow Quartz (Citrine Quartz) and the Black Onyx represent your lower chakras and your connection to the earthy, physical world.

*The Yellow Quartz represents the name of this Healing Combination- Sunshine- Yes, this stone represents Sunshine- Bright, sunny, joyful and refreshing. With intention it will allow you to think clearly. The Yellow Quartz will help you to let go- of negative patterns and bring to you joy, happiness and the inner strength that comes from the warmth of the Sunshine.

 *The Black Onyx as you can see has the brown flecks in it. The black of the stone represents our Root Chakra- our personal strength and offers the power to move into a gateway of new experiences. The brown in the stone is reminding you to stay in touch with nature to remember the healing properties that nature provides in its earthy presence. Brown helps us to get in touch with our universal intelligence. Combined in one stone allows us to search for ways that we can stand in our own power and manifest all possibilities!

*Each Healing Bag consists of stones of various sizes- mostly medium sized - some are large. All bags have been infused with Healing Love and Light!

With Love and Light for your Healing  Divinely Unified


You may also want your personal healing infused into your own bag.  If you are interested in that please email me directly at 


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      When the Sunshine Medicine Bundle is picked especially for you- the Universe has made that decision and the stones are what is exactly what you need in your unique style and life at the time.  Therefore no refunds can be made.  If you are dissatisfied- please reach out to Jenny at

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