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Mediumship Meets Physical Phenomena

What a beautiful Weekend Experience having these two amazing Physical Mediums Mychael Shane and Julie Adreani visit Divinely Unified and Uniquely Sacred Spiritual Center. Wayne Dwyer said it correctly when he said that "With God all Things as Possible." Check out the video!

Over 30 of us of all kinds of backgrounds were able to attend each Séance and experience the awe of the physical phenomena. Some of us were brand new to the experience and some were ones that have been involved with physical mediumship in the past but all of us were in awe of the experience.

Working with the Ascended Masters of Shamballah they allowed us to experience the unexplained. In the workshops, some of us were able to sit in these beautiful Mediums Cabinets where the energy and Love was so Present it could be overwhelming at times. We were able to produce beautiful apports for us to keep and even had a chance to work with Transfiguration. Trying to put into words the amazing feelings of Love and Support that was experienced from the other side is not possible. The experience is one that cannot be explained in words and only felt through the heart.

Mychael is a phenomenon of his own! Truly a gift to this Universe! He not only has an amazing way of connecting to The Ascended Masters of Shamballah he teaches and allows us to connect to their vibrations and in doing so allows us to experience the Realms of Possibilities that exist for each of Us!

A True Blessing!

This weekend he apported not only in a Dark Room Seance but also in a fully lit room in the middle of the workshop. We all watched in awe as an apport came from his eye and one from his ear! WHAT! Yes- I am telling you- Unbelievable- Until you experience it in person for yourself-you cannot believe. The Saturday night Seance was all about abundance as he and Julie apported coins for everyone in attendance.

Apports- What are they? - Gifts from Heaven! Allowing physical objects to transcend the non-physical and appear in the physical. Mychael Apported some beautiful gifts from Heaven-

Now to prove that he is not faking- he has people check the cabinet- tie his hands together- puts water in his mouth and then duck tapes his mouth shut! Then the same people reverse the process at the end of the Séance. Just to Prove he is not doing this work in the dark by himself. - Crazy!

Julie is a beautiful Soul working with not only the Ascended Masters but those of the Cosmic Consciousness. Mychael tells the story of how working with Julie is actually the manifestation of a prophecy that was given to him as a child. Along with Mychael she apported coins and hers fell from the ceiling into a Cystal Bowl.

Ding, Ding, Ding is what you heard in the dark room only to find her coins landed in the crystal bowl.

Both mediums produced exactly 21 coins - the number of people in attendance. With Mychael manifesting one very special coin-

An Ancient Egyptian Coin

Both Séances offered so much healing from the Ascended Masters. The Feeling of Love just cannot be explained in words. The Sunday Séance offered the manifestation of Spirit- With Arch Angel Gabriel making his presence Known big time- That will have to follow in video because you just will not believe it! The excitement of him pulling Laurie Seeley of Star Shine Energy Healing and the Co-Owner of Divinely Unified to the front of the cabinet to hug her and to kiss her just confirmed that all she is doing with the Violet Flame is meant to be! Check out Laurie's next Violet Flame Healing event to see the transformation!

The highlight was when Lady Nada offered a beautiful healing prayer and then Master Jesus manifesting to offer a healing to a Disabled American Vet. It was so touching to everyone that was present.

Julie also produced over 410 Crystals that were given to each individual in attendance with an explanation of who offered the crystal and how they were to help us.

Divinely Unified and the 30 Loving Souls that attended the weekend events stand in so much gratitude for the amazing experience! Our Love to our Ascended Masters for Showing Up Big time is overwhelming and we promise to spread the light that was shared with us through this universe in our own Unique Style as we occupy this Sacred Space.

💙If all of this sounds interesting- Check out the next class via Zoom that Mychael and Julie our offering.

Learn where we come from and how it affects our current Timelines.

Origins of the Soul- Zoom Event January 23rd, 2024, 1pm till 4pm

SAVE THE DATE FOR NEXT YEARS EVENT- May 3rd- 5th, 2024- More Information to follow 💙

Become a Member to find more ways that you can be Present and embrace your Unique Gifts in today's world! Learn more about Physical Mediumship and join our classes and events!

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