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Spiritual Healing for a Healthy Body

Have you ever had an incident that changed your life forever. I think that happened on November 30th, 2023 for me. After experiencing a very Prophetic Dream on the 29th about me being on Death Row and going to die tomorrow- tomorrow happened. On the 30th day of November I was admitted into the hospital with a major Heart issue and survived.

But what this dream did for me was to finally wake me up to the fact that if I want to actually live to be much older- than I need changes. I could not continue to abuse my body- something drastic had to change.

So, for me it was changing my diet. Many times, I have been told about a more plant-based diet and honestly, I have tried it only to last a week or so. There are many of you that have already made the switch and feeling the incredible benefits from a more balanced- chemical free diet. I honor each of you and your journey and would love to hear your success stories.

But this time- There is a Higher Power that has control! This Infinite Intelligence knows that there is lots of work to do and wants me around for many years to come- So this time it is so EASY!

The first few days in the Hospital was adjusting- experiencing some old trapped emotions that were holding me down or let's say weighing me down. It was time for a total cleanse.

As a Spiritual Healer I know the importance of Body, Mind and Spirit but for some reason the Body never really resonated with me as to how I had been destroying it with so many Chemicals. Sugar, Diet Sodas, Fast Food all were helping to slowly destroy my Body. Many times I have tried in the past, but this time is different- This time seems to be the one time that the change is made for Good!

It was time to call in the forces! I am so lucky to have a beautiful family that surrounded me and friends that continued to pray for me! I had prayers circling around me from all over the Globe! That is the Benefit of Facebook!

I am so lucky to have trained many healers in the Ancient Art of Laying of Hands Healing. It is a modality where you Channel the beautiful Love energy of the Creator- whatever that means to you- God, Source, The Divine, Infinite Intelligence or Intititi- The One who is known by a thousand names and yet is the un-namable one. 

So- first things first you call in your healers!

These are all Unique Individuals of all nationalities that have dedicated their lives to being Healers. All sorts of healing modalities from Intuitive healing to Shamanism- All with one goal in mind- Shedding their Light throughout the Universe and changing the World one step at a time. I am so blessed to be able to call these individuals my friends. And this is not all of them- some were on the phone and others at home saying their prayers. The energy in the room was off the charts and everyone was inspired by the beautiful outpouring of Love 💙

It was an opportunity to fulfill my dream of offering bedside healing to those in the hospital. I just didn't realize that I would be the one in the bed!

And this begins the journey! Throughout this month- many prayers have been spoken- Lots of Love has been spread and all of us have been inspired by the Divine Unity of our Group, not to mention those all around us.

With their help and the guidance of my Higher Power- I have beat my additions!

Yes-I did It! I said NO to



Processed Foods

I said Yes to

Fruits and vegetables

Clean Eating



They Say you build a habit in 21 days! So, for me that would start on the day I got out of the Hospital, the day before my 65th Birthday! - I only have a few more days and I am on track for success! Stay tuned to see the benefits of all the changes!

In the meantime- Lots of Love to all that have helped in this beautiful healing of my body! I am excited about helping others find their way to healing. If you are interested in the Laying on Hands Healing Training- Check out our website for more information.

With Love and Light for your Journey 💙

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